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Basic payment scheme

JSP Management is focused on helping farmers unravel the reams of paperwork which is so much a feature of farming these days.

All BPS claim forms will hopefuly be submitted online next year. This year I was part of a small group of consultants who used the governments own internal computer system, to help the RPA test it. As long as it was possible I completed the SPS online as I felt it provided a more professional service. I also back this up by monitoring the claim process through to payment. We have spotted mistakes by the RPA in payments to our clients, and had these corrected. Some of these have resulted in payments of over 25,000.

When taking on a new client, I also audit previous years claims to avoid costly rpa inspection claims. Some mistakes if found by the rpa would have resulted in the loss of the entire years claim money - over 125,000!

JSP Management helps in other areas too, and has advised on entitlement transfers, land transfers and tenancies.

Our aim is to offer a personalised service tailored to meet each farmer’s individual needs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.