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GYA KeySoil packages

JSP Management works closely with GYA to offer their KeySoil packages. A well cared for soil is profitable as an agricultural resource and delivers important environmental benefits. Keysoil helps you make the best decision for your soil, your business and the environment.

KeySoil logoOur KeySoil Range tool allows you to compare your current soil organic matter content and provides an indicator of the potential change for that soil geared to your particular soil type and location in the UK. Our KeySoil Status tool allows you to project your future soil carbon content. When compared to your current soil C content the KeySoil Status can be used to assess whether your current management is likely to maintain your existing soil organic matter levels and to assess the likely impact of planned changes. KeySoil Status is based on the extensive research that has been done to understand how soil type management and environmental factors affect soil carbon content and the carbon returns required to maintain soil C.

Improving soil organic matter management on your farm typically produces net benefits between £60.00 & £100.00/ha annually – depending on your farming system.