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Mid Tier scheme

JSP Management has been successful in helping over 400 farmers into the Entry Level Scheme (ELS). The follow up scheme is callied Mid Tier. It is designed as ELS plus. Unlike ELS, it does not give 30 / ha (12 / acre), but the moer you do, the more you get. It is a five year scheme. It is heavily biased towards options to promote wild birds and protecting water quality.

Generally by sticking to the guidelines layed out by Natural England, and choosing options that best suit the farm, I feel a better scheme is achieved than ELS. Whatever the requirement, JSP Management can offer sound advice as to the best options for your farm.

Mid Tier also includes what was the old Catchment Sensitive Grant options, and also some boundary capital items such as hedge coppicing.

Application windows are only from July 1st - September 30th each year, for the scheme to start in January 1st of each Calander year.

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I can also come and visit to do a pre rpa visit on your existing Environmental Schemes.